Faculty Appraisal

Below are the approved documents for the annual educational appraisal of Senior Faculty:

1.  Educational Supervisor

2.  Director of Medical Education - Head of School - Training Programme Director

3.  Associate Postgraduate Dean

4.  360 Appraisal Questionnaire Blank Template

 Appraisal Hierarchy:

* Postgraduate Dean / Deputy Postgraduate Dean

→ Associate Postgraduate Dean

→ Head of School (if large school, the School Executive Board members could share the role of appraising their TPDs)

→ Training Programme Director

* Trust Board annual appraisal process

→ Educational Supervisors

* Directors of Medical Education → it would be anticipated that the Trust will conduct this appraisal. 

→ However, if it was felt that Peninsula/ Severn Postgraduate Medical Education input would be valuable, an Associate Dean could be assigned for a joint appraisal.