Is SAS funding in addition to the normal study leave budget?

SAS funding was made available by the Department of Health to be used for the development of SAS doctors.  This funding is to be used on top of the Trusts' study leave budget and not instead of it.  All SAS doctors should have access to the Trusts’ study leave budgets as per policies laid out by the DMEs of individual Trusts.


Do I have to take study leave for the courses that are paid through the SAS funding?

That depends on your local agreement with your department and the Trust, but generally speaking it does require study leave. The Trusts have an agreement with the doctors to give them study leave and it should be easily approved, especially when it is being funded through the SAS budget. 


Can I attend courses anywhere in the South West region?

There are courses that are organised by various SAS Tutors and the policy of Peninsula and Severn Postgraduate Medical Education is that any SAS doctor can apply for these courses irrespective of where they are being organised within the the South West Region.  A list of all the study education days is available and contact information to register your attendance for each course is indicated.  


Can I contact the Associate Dean for SAS doctors for any personal/ individual problem regarding my career?

Your first point of contact should be the SAS Tutor in your Trust. If you have any issues that cannot be resolved in the Trust or need further discussion please contact the AD, Dr Katherine Finucane by email


Will regional Postgraduate Medical Education support my application for entry onto the Specialist Register?

Our Certificate of Eligibility to the Specialist Register webpage provides information about CESR and links to further information. It also gives you names of doctors who are experienced with the CESR application and willing to help you with that.

In the first instance, we recommend that you get in touch with one of the consultants in your specialty to get specialty-specific advice. Peninsula Postgraduate Medical Education will facilitate and arrange for general advice on the application for you.


Can the SAS funding be used to pay for application fees for CESR?

Whereas the South West Postgraduate Medical Education is willing to guide and support you with the application, unfortunately funding cannot be used for this purpose.  


Can locum or Trust Grade doctors use SAS funding?

While it is understood that all doctors need to keep up to date with their CPD, the SAS development fund has been allocated to SAS doctors (Associate Specialists, Specialists, Staff grades and Specialty Doctors).


Who is my SAS Tutor/ Lead and how can I contact them?

Our Welcome page lists the names of all the SAS Tutors and you can contact them by clicking on the relevant email address.


Can the South West Postgraduate Medical Education provide support/ help with job planning?

HEE South West does not have a remit to help with job planning. The clinical leads and managers in your departments can help with job planning and you can get advice from your SAS tutor.


I am experiencing difficulties in having my study leave approved.  Can the South West Postgraduate Medical Education help me with this?

The regional Postgraduate Medical Education strongly encourages that all SAS doctors should avail their allocated study leave.  If you have a problem with this please inform your SAS Tutor, who should be able to discuss this matter with the DME of the Trust.  You should be given a fair chance of updating your CPD by availing study leave.  If the situation remains unresolved please contact the regional Postgraduate Medical Education and we will endeavour to help you with this matter.