Posted June 16th 2022 (12 months ago)

Foundation School Bulletin

F2 REGIONAL TEACHING - Essential Psychiatry for F2s Course added to Maxcourse, 1st July 2022

"Mental Health is everyone’s business" - Key knowledge to help you in your ongoing career, whatever specialty you go into.

Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership are running a regional teaching day covering fundamental psychiatric skills, aimed at Foundation Doctors who have not have had a job in psychiatry. The day is highly interactive, structured around cases and with chances to practice communication skills in simulated consultations.

You can sign up now via Maxcourse:

• Appreciate the patient perspective through contact with Experts by Experience and patient involvees.
• Understand some of the main differences between history-taking and examination in psychiatry, compared to other specialties.
• Have an awareness of the principles of legal frameworks and risk assessment in psychiatry.
• Discuss the ethical dilemmas and controversies involved in the diagnosis and management of mental disorder.
• Identify reasons for patients' challenging behaviour and acknowledge the role stigma plays in healthcare professionals’ response to these patients.
• Propose coping strategies to deescalate challenging behaviour
• Be able to take a history, perform a mental state examination and assess risk in someone presenting with symptoms of anxiety or low mood.

Foundation elearning programme update June 2022

Improve medicines safety, visit the SCRIPT Safety programme

The SCRIPT Safety programme aims to develop your knowledge and skills in prescribing practice, therapeutics and provides guidance on medicines management. The programme covers a range of topics and supports the World Health Organization (WHO) Global Patient Safety Challenge ‘Medication Without Harm’.

Each module in the SCRIPT Safety programme takes approximately 60 minutes to complete. All course materials have been authored by a team of expert healthcare professionals and are regularly reviewed and updated. You can learn more about this elearning programme by visiting the SCRIPT website.

Short Survey for Foundation Doctors who have had a surgical rotation: STS or Assisted?

To all surgical registrars, core trainees and foundation doctors with experience of the surgical logbook, GWH are kindly asking for 3 minutes of your time to fill out this short survey. All responses will be anonymous and used simply to examine if there is a consensus in approach.

GWH are interested to gain a consensus as to what meets the criteria of Supervised Trainer Scrubbed (STS) in some common general surgical procedures. The eLogbook offers minimal guidance on what constitutes each level of involvement and is not procedure specific. This leaves the self-assessment to subjectivity and open to interpretation. With scarcity of surgical training numbers and indicative procedures being used in many core training and ST3 applications, it is important to gauge the variability in what people consider ‘STS’ compared with ‘Assisted.’