Management of Skin Cancer - (Mohs Surgery PILOT)

Chair of Training Interface Group: Mr Hamid Tehrani

College Contact: Nadia Permall, Specialty Manager

Number of funded fellowships: 4

Length of fellowships: 6 months

Commencing: 4th August 2021

Parent Specialties: Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, Otolaryngology, Plastic Surgery

Training Centres: 


Lead Trainer 

St Helen's & Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust

Miss Charlotte Defty

Norfolk & Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust

Mr M Moncrieff  Dr Jennifer Garioch

Fellows are to be appointed annually to advanced training positions. Trainees have the opportunity to preference the start dates of the fellowship as part of the application process. When the positions are allocated trainees preferences are taken into account but cannot be guaranteed.

For more information about TIG Fellowships, please refer to the JCST Website


Please refer to the timetable below for key dates in the application process. 

Recruitment Activity Date Information
Applications open: 15th January 2021 Advertisements are posted in annually usually around December on NHS Jobs, Oriel and College websites. All relevant information will also be circulated to relevant committees for dissemination to trainees
Applications close 12th February 2021 The applications window is usually around 4 weeks. It is important to check the closing date as late applications are not accepted. All applications are completed online through the national system, Oriel.
Latest date candidates will be invited to interview by: 22nd February 2021 Shortlisting will not take place and all applicants that meet the eligibility criteria will be offered an interview.
Interview date: 05 March 2021 As part of the recruitment process candidates will be required to provide the details of 2 references before the interview date. One of the references must be from the Training Programme Director.


If you have further questions, please contact either: 

 •Candidate Support Line: 01454 252610

•Email Support: