Severn Postgraduate Medical Education Guidance Notes for doctors with disabilities.


Severn Postgraduate Medical Education is responsible for managing postgraduate education and training for doctors and dentists. It is committed to upholding the Equality Act 2010 and the prevention of discrimination on the basis of disability. From 1 October 2010, the Equality Act consolidated nine separate pieces of anti-discrimination legislation (including the Disability Discrimination Act 1995) into a single Act.

Some of the most significant changes made by the Equality Act 2010 affects the law on disability discrimination. Severn Postgraduate Medical Education is committed to adhering to this new legislation – including new legislation about indirect, associative and perceptive discrimination.

  • Severn Postgraduate Medical Education carries out its responsibility through educational contracts with NHS trusts that employ doctors and dentists in training. In addressing issues of disability discrimination, Severn Postgraduate Medical Education is mindful of the complex relationships and of the numerous Human Resources and Equality policies that may be applicable
  • Severn Postgraduate Medical Education currently monitors disability as part of the Quality Assurance and Human Resources data set in order to work towards the prevention and resolution of discrimination in relation to disability. Severn is working on a continued data capture concerning Equal Opportunities characteristics via a prioritised Information Technology project
  • Severn Postgraduate Medical Education utilises the guarantee interview scheme for those with a disability requiring specific assistance during the recruitment and interview process
  • We will seek to meet individual trainees with disabilities requirements when visiting Severn Postgraduate Medical Education at Deanery House, for example car parking arrangements
  • Severn Postgraduate Medical Education is also committed to helping trainees achieve their full potential and is dedicated to equality for all, where no trainee will be discriminated against on the basis of disability – acknowledging that discrimination arising from a disability is forbidden in law


  • If a member of staff has a disability or develops a disability during their time undertaking training on a Severn Postgraduate Medical Education programme, Severn will seek to work with the employing trusts to ensure reasonable adjustments are made to prevent them being placed at a substantial disadvantage in all aspects of employment including recruitment and selection, training, transfer, career development and retention.
  • If a trainee has a disability or develops a disability during their training, they will, if necessary, request assistance from their Director of Medical Education and the Trust by whom they are employed, in line with that Trust’s Equality and Diversity Policy and other Human Resources policies.
  • If a trainee has a disability or develops a disability during their training and feels they are not getting sufficient support, Severn will offer them any necessary and additional advice and support.
  • Severn Postgraduate Medical Education aims to resolve concerns raised by staff at an early stage. If a staff member feels they have been discriminated against, victimised or harassed on the grounds of disability they should speak to their line manager or Human Resources Adviser in the first instance.
  • Severn Postgraduate Medical Education will, if necessary, support trainees to ensure their concerns or issues are resolved as soon as possible.

November 2010 (updated October 2013)