How to Apply


If you would like to have a mentor, please complete the expression of interest form

This will give the coordinator an idea of the kind of mentor you are seeking and where you want your mentor to be based, so that you can receive appropriate mentor profiles to choose from. Filling in a form does not commit you to joining the scheme, and any information you give will remain confidential.

If you would like more information before completing a form or would like to apply by email, please contact us here.  

Having decided that you would like to go ahead, we will forward a name of a mentor (or more if we have other mentors available) who most closely match your requirements. In some instances, there may not be anyone in the locality you desire. However, there is always the opportunity to travel to another locality within the severn and peninsula areas if you wish to do so.

Please note that during the Pandemic your mentor will provide sessions via telephone/skype/zoom or another on-line platform.  

When you have agreed on the mentor, we will pass on your details to the mentor; this agreement signals that you consent for your details to be passed on to the mentor. It is your responsibility to contact the mentor to arrange a first meeting, however, in some cases the mentor may contact you. Generally the meeting will take place in a neutral setting, which is informal and where you won’t be interrupted.(Please see above for mentoring sessions during the pandemic) Anything you discuss will be confidential.

During the first couple of meetings you will be getting to know each other, and building up trust, and then you may wish to talk about what you hope to get from mentoring, and have some kind of plan for future sessions. This can be loosely structured.

On average, meetings last about an hour, and happen once every four weeks, but this is variable and by agreement with the mentor. Some mentee's only meet their mentor a couple of times, to work through a specific matter. Others may continue to meet at regular intervals for a number of years.

Some tips:

  • If you can’t make a meeting, please let your mentor know. Make sure you have their mobile or other number for contact at short notice.
  • Make sure you have another meeting arranged at the end of the first session. So do take your diary with you.
  • If you decide after a couple of sessions that you have got what you need from mentoring, do let your mentor know. They really appreciate getting feedback from you particularly if the process has been helpful. They are keen to continue developing as mentors, and this is how they learn!