Escalating Concerns


HEE has a pathway for individuals to raise, and where appropriate, escalate concerns regarding the learning environment.

Please utilise local mechanisms within the placement/training post learning environment initially, escalating to pathway two and three if you continue to be concerned or you feel the pathway is inappropriate for your individual concern.

Pathway 1 – In the clinical environment: speak to senior clinician/educational supervisor/ward manager; Freedom to Speak Up Guardian

Pathway 2 – If no resolution with Pathway 1, contact programme director, personal tutor, link tutor, Head of School, Director of medical Education, Educational Institution, HEI

Pathway 3 - If no resolution after Pathway 1 and 2, or you feel them inappropriate for your individual concern, please use this form to escalate your concern to the South West Quality Team.

This process does not replace Serious incident Reporting procedures in trusts and local processes should be followed for serious incidents.


To raise a  concern, please complete the following form:

If you have any issues with this form please contact