Funded Simulation Projects

The Simulation Network has had this as a priority for some time and continued requests for funding of simulation and TEL projects from HEE South West, reflects the importance assigned to achieving the Network objectives. Projects implementation is supported by technicians or fellows. Mentorship is provided by experienced simulation mentors in own organisations as well as mentors drawn from the Network.

There are quarterly project meetings, and funded project holders are expected to complete quarterly and end of project reports. There is an expectation to share learning through the iRIS platform, at Network meetings and the HEE Simulation Learning Event.

Previous meetings:

HEE South West has funded numerous SBE projects from around the region over the past three years, which has demonstrated multiple benefits to patients, staff and organisations. Many projects have resulted in the trusts taking on the funding of projects and personnel, plus sustainability funding from national bodies.

List of Funded Projects 2021/22:

Project Lead


Project Title/Summary 2021/22

Funding awarded

Abi Bartlett Hanham Secure Health   Standardised Patients in Prison Training
Alan Jervis Cornwall Partnership Foundation Trust   Simulation Fellows to support Avatar Simulation
Ashley Ellis University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust  Simulation Based Education Learning Needs Analysis
Chris Jacobs GWH Swindon Hololens- Bringing simulation to all 
Alex Chisholm & Shona Hill Somerset Foundation Trust  

Simulation Facilitator - Student MDT Projects

Deborah Glennie Musgrove Park Hospital, Somerset NHS Trust  

Operating theatre virtual simulation Fellow (Band 7)

Hisham Khalil University of Plymouth   Enhancing Patient Safety through Multi-professional Clinical Simulation of Prehospital, Ward and Operative Department Care
Steve Haupt Devon Partnership NHS Trust   Prevention, De-escalation and Reflective Practice Simulations
Lisa McManus & Sarah O'Connor University Hospitals Dorset NHS Foundation Trust  Enabling Simulation Pedagogy across Dorset - Link pending (Lisa McManus - Dorset Hospital Trust)
Liz Berragan University of Gloucestershire   Researching the Impact of Simulation-based Education: an educational research opportunity
Maria Smith Gloucestershire Hospitals Trust Professional Education Simulation Fellow (Non-Medic) to embed and integrate SBE and TEL into non-medic education and development to change the culture of SBE for sustainable education
Omer Aziz University Hospital Bristol & Weston Trust   Improving children’s end of life care simulation fellow
Sarah Ireland St Margaret’s Hospice, Somerset   Creating a SIM programme to support End of Life care
Kerri Magnus BNSSG Training Hub (North Somerset south Gloucester Trust)   Simulation Education in Primary Care
Susan Howson Devon Partnership Trust Simulation based training for Multi-agency and multi-disciplinary working in Psychiatry

Project Lead


Project Title/Summary 2022/23

Funding awarded

Roland Gude Devon Training Hub VOCAL - Virtual OSCE CLiP Action Learning Fellowship £30,000.00
Alan Smallwood Yeovil District Hospitals NHS Trust A simulation project to improve the quality of TEP/DNAR forms across South Somerset   £12,000.00
Andrew Gammie North Bristol Trust A Virtual Urodynamic Patient for Onsite Training in Urodynamics  £10,330.00
Leigh Beard Yeovil District Hospitals NHS Trust Ward Trauma: A simulation project to improve the care of patients who sustain injuries following an in-hospital fall  £9,500.00
Phil Peacock Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Safeguarding simulation: developing a sustainable multi-professional training programme £25,703.00
Lesley Jordan

Royal United Hospitals Bath

The ‘Back to Basics’ campaign – a multi-professional utilisation of immersive technology to benefit patient safety £29,971.00
Claire Nadaf AECC University College Developing Simulation Capability and Capacity £27,400.00
Simon Kersey University of Gloucestershire VR Major Incident environment for NHS/ Emergency service commander training £28,200.00
Cathy Coehlo Peninsula Dental School - University of Plymouth  Dental Immersive Reality for healthcare teams: Development of a Mixed Reality training package to help healthcare teams identify common dental issues, to optimise patient care and appropriate referral pathways £29,924.00
Alex Chisholm Somerset Foundation NHS Trust Community and Mental Health Simulation Facilitator – MDT Students  £28,856.28
Maria Tsakmakis North Bristol Trust Regional new-born resuscitation multi-centre VR study – application for funds to support a fellow post and VR equipment  £24,035.00
Ben Hester Somerset Foundation NHS Trust Joint simulation and Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL)apprentice to bridge the gap between TEL and simulation provision £25,558.70
James Dearden Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust Adolescence and mental health simulation course £15,000.00
Pippa Richards Somerset Foundation NHS Trust Applying Human Factors and Simulation Methodologies to incidents and investigations: A Band 6 ‘PSIRF’ Fellow - 0.2 WTE £9,828.62
Caroline Stone Somerset Foundation NHS Trust Simulation Outreach Facilitator (Schools / Colleges) - 0.6 WTE £18,661.30




Rationale, Expectations and Responsibilities of the Network Mentor/Liaison Role for the HEE SW Simulation Network


The Rationale for the role
• Projects funded need support and assistance in overcoming hurdles, without this there is increased risk of the project not achieving its goals.
• The Network leadership does not have capacity to provide this to 15+ projects at the same time while also coordinating Network activity, therefore we need individuals from the Network to take on this role.
• By having a mentor from a different organisation the project team can have a “critical friend” who can offer advice and may approach problems from a different angle, facilitating innovative solutions.
• The mentor roles allow members of the Network the opportunity to develop their skills as mentors/coaches and to develop their experience in project management.
• The builds relationships between organisations in the Network and hence strengthens the Network.
• This brings more people into direct contact with the Network and hence builds engagement and membership.
• We can’t expect people to give their time for this role for free and hence a nominal payment to their organisation is appropriate (similar to payments for sponsoring medical student Specialist Study modules).

Expectations and Responsibilities of the role
• Have experience of SBE and some experience of project management.
• Provide advice and guidance on general project management questions and escalate questions on specific technical issues to the Network for assistance.
• Not expected to be an expert on all elements of the project e.g. a project using HoloLens does not need the mentor to be a HoloLens expert.
• Be the main conduit of information flow between the project leadership and the Network.
• Be available for email contact to the project leadership/fellows etc. with expectation of a reply w/in 2 working days.
• Have telephone/virtual meetings with project team at least monthly from when the project is funded to conclusion of the project.
• Assist the project leadership with regular project reporting to the Network/PPMO – e.g. read the PID forms and advise any revisions prior to submission.

Project Management of Simulation Fellowships
• Support Simulation Fellows development
• Regular review of progress at least monthly
• Support, planning and monitoring of projects
• Discussion and facilitate solutions for barriers to implementation
• Monitoring overall progress and use of resources, initiating corrective action where necessary
• Liaison with local project Mentor and Fellow to assure the overall direction and integrity of the project
• Reporting the progress of the programme regularly
• Assist with mandatory completion of quarterly project and end of project report
• Assist with managing risks to the project‘s successful outcome and adapt plans with agreed support and action plan
• Facilitate sharing of Resources - iRIS

Payment for the role
• HEESW will pay the mentor’s Trust or employing organisation £1,650 for taking on the mentor role for the duration of the project (usually approx. 1 year).
• This money can be used to back-fill the mentor’s time or for other purposes as the organisation sees fit so long as it benefits the education, wellbeing and/or personal development of the organisation’s staff.
• This role does not mean that the mentor becomes an employee of HEE SW.